hun zászló eng zászló

How we came into being

Our small Hungarian-owned enterprise was formed based on similar ideas of friends, with the aim of awarding close family members, friends on sports events or other important occasions with an uncommon, completely unique gift to celebrate a particularly important moment.
We had in view to achieve this through an ancient profession that has been long forgotten in today’s fast-paced world, the glass blowing.

All artworks presented on our webpage are produced by us, based on our clients’ needs, with their preliminary verification and final consent.

For the packing and the shipping of our glassware, we use special boxes designed by us. Their storage and shipping do not require any particular care.

If you are interested in our artworks and you are not the kind of person who buys the gift last minute for your loved one, please contact us in time.

For further details and information please ask for an INVITATION


“As much a gift like any other gift, but unique and inimitable.”